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Q: Do you limit the number of pages on my site?

No. You can have an unlimited number of pages in your site. Start with just a few and add more as you need them and your business grows and changes.

Q: How do I make changes to my web pages?

Each customer is given a secure login id and password during set up. The login and password are used to access your website's administration area. You can then select any page you have created and change text, images, headings, etc. It is as easy as typing an email.

You can add or delete pages, select certain pages to be showcased on the right side of your home page, decide what pages will be visible (or published) and what pages still need work and should be left private.

In short, you can change almost every aspect of your site just by logging into your administration area. This can be done from any web browser like Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.

Q: When are the changes effective?

Changes are effective immediately once you click the “save” button in the content administration area. You can flip to your live site and refresh the page to see the change.

Q: Are there any hidden costs or add on pricing?

No. You will only be charged for the initial set up ($495) and an annual hosting cost of $140/year. We will not charge you for adding more pages or making changes.

Q: Can I have my own web address/URL?

Yes. This is critical feature of our service. You can register any name you want a web site registration firm. We recommend GoDaddy at Once you own your name, you simply change the DNS settings to point to our servers and you will be on your way to launching and updating your own website.

Q: What kind of support do I get?

Several help options exist.

1. We provide phone support during normal business hours and email support. This is very important during the setup and launch phase. We offer a toll free number to speak directly with our first line of support at 800-644-1033 x1006.
2. We have provided an online help system within the administration area which is added to as client questions come in to our technical team.
3. We also have very specific instructions/tips on the “content entry form” in the administration area.
4. Special email support account has been established directly to our technical team.

We are committed to making sure you have all the support you need to launch and run your site.

Q: Do you provide shopping cart functions so customers can buy their book directly from me?

Your publisher website can be integrated with several third party cart solutions. Google Checkout or PayPal work nicely.

Most of our customers set up Web Payments Standard through Pay Pal which allows them to accept major credit cards, e-checks and Pay Pal payments. A notification of the order is sent to you via email which you can then fill. The Pay Pal Web Payments Standard account is easy to set up and free. You pay a small processing fee only when someone buys your products.

You decide how much to charge for shipping, what state tax to charge and what products are available through your site.

Q: Do you limit overall size of the web site in terms of storage space used?

No. We have never had a site that even approaches the server limits.

Q: Can I sell either e-books or audio books?

Yes. You sell these products just like you would a traditional book. Once a book is purchased, you are notified by Pay Pal of the order. You then can fill the order via email, FTP download or mail a CD.

Q: How do I manage my web site traffic?

We recommend that you sign up for and utilize Google Analytics. It is free and quite easy to set up. You will need to sign up for a Google Account Once you have signed up for a Google Account, we can walk you through the details of setting up the tracking.

Q: Can I have an email address with my site?

We do not provide any email services beyond the email contact form built into the Contact section of your site. You can have messages sent through this feature to any active email address.
You determine the address that the messages go to by filling in your email address in the content editing area.

Q: Can I include a link to an external Blog?

Yes, you can link to your blog just like you would link to any other site outside of your site.

Q: Can I have audio files on my site?

Yes. You may upload MP3 files to the site of 2MB or smaller. You see and listen to an example at under Sample Content.

Q: What type of security and encryption do you provide for people purchasing my book?

We recommend using Pay Pal as your payment processing/shopping cart solution. Pay Pal has fraud prevention measures. PayPal's industry-leading loss rate is less than 0.5%. The keep book sellers secure with:
• Data encryption
•Antifraud risk models and fraud detection techniques
•Address Verification System (AVS)
•Card Security Code (CSC)
•Antifraud specialists

Still have questions? Just call us at 1-800-706-4636 x1007 or click here to email your specific questions

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